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StoneRod fibre can be used in a number of areas, such as: Asphalt, Automotive, Construction, Dome Housing, Flooring, Insulation, Mesh and Geo-grids, Mining, Gunite and Shotcrete, Thin Concrete, Walls, Game Fencing. In addition, there is a whole section on current specifications for reinforcing bar (rebar) from the USA. USA Rebar Codes,


StoneRod fibre is non-toxic, fire-resistant, does not corrode and does not cause any environmental concerns. Since the material is retrieved from volcanic rock, all emissions, due to heat processing or melting have been vented to the atmosphere. The pure rock does not contain unwanted environmental pollutants.


There are too many different uses for the material, such as the manufacture of tennis racquets, protection from the spread of electrical fires in sub-stations, use as reinforcement of concrete in pot-lines at aluminium smelters, etc., to fully define the numerous fields. There are all types of enhancements possible and Nano-technology has entered the basalt fibre arena. Polypropylene pipes, reinforced with basalt fibre are making their appearance in Europe. Coatings can be enhanced using fine fibre additions where the strong basalt reinforcement adds more inherent strength. Epoxy pastes and liquids can achieve higher tolerances with basalt fibre as a partial filler.


In America, in recent years, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) has investigated basalt rebar, also known as Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymers, or BFRP. There are a number of ACI codes that cover the use of this lightweight but incredibly strong reinforcement material. In addition ASTM codes were also produced. ASTM means the American Section Testing Materials, division of the International Association for Testing Materials (IATM). The design codes from ISIS in Canada focus on Carbon Fibre, Aramid and Glass Fibre rebars, but their manual is interesting to read.


The ASTM and ACI codes are listed in a separate section. The Basalt Guru in Newport, Rhode Island, kindly gave the information freely. The details now cover Basalt Fibre Reinforcement, as well as the other types previously described!


  Steel rebar will rust over time. Special rebar coating over steel to give fire and corrosion proofing. Various sized rebar has surface deformations for bond.


A few of the market sectors, which cover some important areas, will be described, but more comprehensive information is available, should you so require. We hope, with time, to be able to cover the myriad of different aspects that can be described in more detail. Areas such as the construction of dome houses, sprayed concrete dome walls and structural repair systems have been briefly provided. We hope to cover aspects in more detail, in the future. Contact us for access to Specification files in the "pdf" format.


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