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Insulation board


StoneRod basalt heat insulation board is a recent development for the construction industry. It is made from chopped basalt fibre and since it is water-repellent, non-flammable, heat, and sound insulating, it is even being used as exterior cladding on high-rise structures. StoneRod basalt fibre sheets are available on order in various thicknesses. Thicknesses of 6, 12, 18, 25 and 32 mm are available. Board sizes are 1.2 x 2.4 metres each. The material mass varies from 160-240 kg/m3. The tensile strength of basalt board is more than 1 MPa. Extruded Polystyrene has a strength of about 0.2 MPa and Expanded Polystyrene is about 0.1 MPa. Therefore, the Basalt board offers higher structural integrity.


Basalt board can provide a number of insulation benefits. It does not shrink, or warp, is sufficiently strong to hold anchors without pull-out. It has 0.465 MPa compressive strength, which is less than clay or concrete brick, but the benefits of insulation are enormous. The surfaces and interior rigidness will allow the boards to support the application of ceramic tiles. Their resistance to microorganisms and rodents is important and the material is not affected by cementitious materials, acids, alkalis or metals. Their relatively light weight allows ease of installation, cutting, and handling


  Basalt board has constant size. Light weight makes installation easy. resists moisture ingress.


Insulation tapes and cloth


StoneRod basalt Multidirectional and insulation tapes are made by weaving continuous basalt fibre in both weft and warp. The tapes can be coated after application, to provide extra protection. They are made from basalt fibre which is both acid and alkali resistant. The tapes have outstanding electric insulation, high temperature resistance, and chemical-corrosion resistance. The material can protect and insulate pipes, cables, or even steel beams, to reduce susceptibility to fire, cold or other conditions. Tapes is used to protect pipelines, both interior or exterior from extreme temperature variations.


The material can be knitted into sleeves for wrapping electrical cables. The material does not conduct heat or electricity and so the wrapping of cables can assist in reducing damage and shorting. It a cable becomes excessively hot, the wrap will assist in containing the heat at the problem source. The tapes or knitted wraps can also be wrapped around exhaust pipes of internal combustion engines to provide protection from burns.


  Tape wrap for steel columns. Pipe wrap to insulate from heat or cold. Knitted tube for exhaust wrap. Heat protection on exhausts.
  Knitted tube for electrical cables. Tape wrap for steel protection. Sound insulation for engine compartments. Aluminium faced insulation.


Sound deadening and insulation mats can be applied inside engine compartments in vehicles and locomotives. The insulation will reduce temperature transmission and the sound deadening effect will improve sound levels. The material is available in both an aluminium coated mat for better heat control. The uncoated material has a better sound absorption quality.


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