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Game Fencing



StoneRod droppers are a new concept in energy efficient, game or farm fencing. The droppers are flexible and, if subjected to impact, will return to its original straight-bar configuration. This means that if an animal runs into the fence, the typical bending, or breaking of the dropper will not occur.


The material is rustproof, does not require maintenance, is lightweight, has a "green" impact on the ecology, and is recyclable. StoneRod smooth rebar can be used for replacing steel droppers in game fencing. Although the rod is more expensive than steel, the rebar offers a number of benefits over conventional steel. The benefits range from being non-corrosive to flexible and light. The wired can be affixed onto the StoneRod droppers in the same way as is used for conventional round steel rebar.


StoneRod basalt fibre rebar is made from multi-strand fibres that are bonded into flexible strong rods. The rebar has twice the tensile strength of conventional steel. Because the bars are made from volcanic lava there is no corrosion! This means that the droppers never need painting!


StoneRod droppers are flexible! This gives the advantage of being self-straightening because the bars will spring back vertically after an impact! If an animal runs into the fencing, it will yield, and absorb the impact, without causing the droppers to be bent. In addition, because the fence can yield, animals should not be injured through impact!


  Game fencing with ostrich family. Electric and barbed wire fencing. impact causes droppers to bend.
  Eclectic fencing with insulators. Plastic tube fencing is susceptible to fire. Timber supported fenced are threatened by fire and termites. Wire mesh fencing is expensive.


StoneRod fencing is electrically inert! All strands can be electrified as the electric fencing will not short to ground! Wire can be mounted directly to droppers without insulators! Save on installation costs.


Bars are lightweight! Over 4 times lighter than steel! This makes dropper installation easy to install! Labour can erect more fencing per day! The bars are fire resistant and although they may char, they will self-extinguish! Transport more fencing, on normal transport, and save on vehicle costs. And REMEMBER, there will be no more losses, due to theft.


The material may be ordered in standard lengths or in 1000 metre and 2000 metre coils. Either 6 mm or 8 mm bars may be used. 8 mm bars are stiffer than the 6 mm droppers and, whilst the 8 mm rods are more expensive, they are the size that is recommended. Ecology friendly! The material is "GREEN"!


WARNING! The coils are easily handled, but care must be exercised when uncoiling. Lie on flat ground and hammer in U shaped holders surrounding the coil, at a minimum of 60 degrees apart. Only release one section of coil, from between U shaped restrictors at a time. By just cutting the wire ties, the coil will immediately straighten, will allow the coil to dangerously unwind, and could cause serious injury, as the coil unwinds to a single straight length.


Additional Extra

To complete the system, why not bury 250 mm wide 25 mm x 25 mm aperture StoneRod fibre mesh below the fencing. The Stonerod mesh is corrosion resistant, will withstand animals trying to burrow under the fence, and once installed it is there forever. No more loss of game due to below-fence burrows. Easy to install, light and simple to roll out in the furrow and cover. The system is simple to use.



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